morality“I am the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.,” boasts Mr. Michael Hyatt on his website.

One wonders, then, why he chose to recommend a page on his Twitter account full of immorality and profanity. In his tweet, he found it “Hilarious!”

When we went to the link, we were dismayed by its content and sent the following tweet to Mr. Hyatt.

Mr. Hyatt, you recommend a link with profanity and immorality, and you, as a Christian publisher, find this “Hilarious”?

Since his tweet was public, open to the world, ours also was public, so that non-Christians might not think that this is acceptable behavior among true believers. And though Mr. Hyatt posted another tweet after our reply to him, he did not bother to respond by the time of this posting.

Mr. Hyatt also says on his personal website, “My philosophy is that if you are going to lead well, you must be thoughtful and purposeful about it.”

We respectfully suggest that Mr. Hyatt walk the talk, as evangelicals like to say.

A recent survey showed that evangelical leaders were pessimistic about the waning influence their churches were having in the U.S. We would suggest that here is one of the reasons.

One thought on “Chairman of largest Christian publisher promotes profanity and immorality

  1. Thanks for putting that up. I recently shared a post from Hyatt’s site on my FB wall. I hope he takes an opportunity to “lead thoughtfully” on this matter in a timely fashion.

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