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Mary Lynn kept a check on email to make sure her three boys were doing OK without her.

I didn’t get my camera into gear until the last hours of their time here with us in SJC.

Kevin took a number of photos, and they’ll be added to the missions report pages.


I did remember to take the camera to the churrascaria, an all-you-can-eat meat restaurant. We had brought Kevin here last year, and he wanted to do a repeat with Mary Lynn. Above, Kevin, my daughter Leila, my wife Vicki, Kevin’s wife Mary Lynn.


Half a dozen waiters come by with grilled meat on a skewer and cut off as much as you want. You can’t eat it faster than they can bring it. You really have to pace yourself, or you’ll feel rushed to eat to keep up with the whirl of waiters.


Kevin’s favorite item here, besides the meat, was the cooked pineapple with cinnamin. Everybody stops for the camera, except Vicki. She’s not going to let her food get cold!


I’m lactose intolerant, but I still ate three grilled cheese cubes. Delicious!


Leila took a few shots as well, and whited out those next to her.


I have low tolerance for meat, so I’m taking it slow.


On the table is a small wheel. As long as it’s green, they’ll keep bringing meat to your table. You can eat for as long as you can stand it. Mary Lynn looks like she’s about through. At this point, we’d had (1) salads etc., (2) meat galore, (3) cooked pineapple, (4) grilled cheese squares, (5) desert, (6) coffee or cappuchino. It’s time to quit!


The time comes when even the heartiest eater must turn the wheel to red, to wave away the waiters.


Here is daughter Leila doing her pose.

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