Catholics sell church buildings

Article in major Brazilian newspaper highlights the sale of many Catholic and traditional Protestant church buildings in Europe, because of the decline of these churches in recent years. In France only 20% say they attend church once a month. And many of these buildings are in small towns and rural areas. The article shows its pagan tendencies, for example, by speaking of members’ offerings as “ecclesiastical taxes.” But it does register the direction things are taking there. That with the growth of Islam, due mostly to heavy immigration, and the face of Europe is changing drastically. I believe it’s Mark Stein’s book that predicts an Islamic Europe before long.

Em crise, paróquias vendem igrejas :: TXT Estado

“Perda de fiéis e falta de recursos levam padres e pastores europeus a comercializar prédios para fins residenciais”.

J. Randal Matheny

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