Just recently I noticed several time-saving patterns I follow, some almost intuitively, to get more out of my time and efforts. Here are the ones I noted. Maybe they’ll help you in a small way.

  1. Maximize use of the keyboard. Jumping back and forth to the mouse or touchpad takes more time. Most programs have keyboard shortcuts. These will save you scads of time and make your computer work more efficient. Continue reading

Resurrecting the Portuguese-language magazine, trying to figure out prices for subscriptions, without much information on printing and mailing. We started charging so people would value the material, but it does did help some to pay for expenses. We may need that now more than ever. Pray my guesses may not be far off and that they may not scare off subscribers.

I think I found it here. The old list, brazil@associate.com has served well. But two factors necessitate a change.

First, we’re moving from an exclusively Brazil emphasis to a global concern. This already happened some time ago, but with the GoSpeak site earlier this year, we’ve heightened that focus. Now we want the mission ministry email list to reflect that broadened approach.

Second, the double-opt-in feature, while protecting me and subscribers, puts up a few hoops for people to jump through that often become barriers.

Unless I miss my guess, this site at posterous will do very nicely, thanks.

Subscribers to the old list may unsub from the link at the bottom of any email coming from the Brazil list.

To subscribe to the GoSpeak email list, just click on “Subscribe to this posterous” under “Subscribe” at the bottom of this page. Or, if you prefer, the RSS option is also available.

Onward and upward!

‘Twas a while in arriving, but it’s here for your perusal. The first number of Volume 26 of “Brazilian Zeal Missions” is now at your disposal.

The report mentions the change in overseeing church, wife and daughter’s teaching, men’s meetings starting up, studies going on, books ready for printer. A lot for a single page!

Download it here: BZM 26-1

I sniffed at Facebook for a long time. My account there lay dormant. Then I read a marketing article that Facebook was the social network to invest one’s efforts in for best effect.

So off I went to face the dragon, to tame it and submit it to use for the gospel and our ministry.

My objectives on Facebook are two-fold and, admittedly, at times, difficult to reconcile, but so be it, considering our present situation: gain friends to support our ministry, and influence people toward deciding and living for Christ.

Here are 10 principles I’ve adhered to, albeit intuitively, as I work Facebook. Continue reading

Just down the street from Ronald Reagan’s alma mater, the Eureka IL congregation decided recently to join our ministry efforts.

We had visited them back last fall when spending two months fund-raising and were graciously received.

We’re grateful for the support they will be providing. The congregation has been added to the list of supporting churches.

As mentioned before, our major personal support will be ending in June, when we’ll lose 80% of our present level of funds.

Though we still have a long way to go to make up that difference, we’re grateful churches and individuals are contributing, and grateful still for congregations like Eureka’s help.

PHOTO: Building (painted green) for rent the church is considering. It’s next to my office and faces a plaza with major bus stop (covered area). My office is accessed through the second white door with round blue sign over it.

• Since yesterday I’m filling in for Richard Mansel on Forthright Magazine, and have been for Barbara Ann as well on BrotherhoodNews.com. They’re both headed to FHU Lectureship where our Forthright Press will have a book exhibit, which we’ve offered to share with Clarity Publications and Gospel Opportunities Evangelism. Be sure to visit our booth there!

• Also, Richard’s grandmother died on Wednesday, so he drove from Ga., to Florence, Ala., yesterday for visitation and the funeral. We’re praying the Lord comfort the family. Continue reading