This afternoon we’ll host a few brothers and sisters here in our home, for two hours, focusing on three segments.

  • A time of prayer together.
  • Discussion of how to better use our small groups for evangelism.
  • Opportunity questions, designed to help us see the good and positive in every situation.

For the latter two, I have two two-page handouts.

Pray it may contribute to growth in the efforts of us all here.

Ye ole personal site has been quiet of late, much work on several Brazilian projects. But you may assuage your grief with my newest Corollaries segment here, highlighting items about the letter to the Philippians, among other subjects.

The Fellowship Room may get moved off the WordPress hosting service, to our own. Advantages are no ads, plus use of plugins (like a Bible highlighter). The big disadvantage is getting the Fellows moved over. Continue reading

Bullet Journal project page

I’m posting this longish review here on my Walking with God site because the spiritual life is often messy, disorganized and, yes, lazy. Or the best word might be “neglected.” The Bullet Journal can help here, too, and can help unify one’s life, work, and service to God. So give the article a good read.

There was not a single day that I did not consult and follow the notebook during the first month of using the Bullet Journal. That must be some sort of record for me. I usually tire or feel cramped by organizational systems or PIMs. I did not with this one. Maybe I’m just getting more mature, who knows, but I do chalk up the flexibility of the system to helping hold my attention. Continue reading

At least, it is most of the time. This trip has been spent more with family, however, for several reasons, among them, my parents’ 60 wedding anniversary.

The photo is of me teaching and reporting at the Acton congregation in Michie TN, last Wednesday, May 6.

It had been a while since we’d been to Acton, so it was good to catch up with them. We also enjoyed some time with long-time friends Nor and Linda Hagy, spending that night with them before going to Henderson the next day to see our kids.

Nor told us he had been appointed an elder in the congregation, as well as having left his job for semi-retirement. He continues to serve as treasurer.

Leila and her roommate Emili came to Acton for my report, since the congregation is about 45 minutes from FHU. They also went back to Nor and Linda’s home with us and visited a while before returning to campus.

I’m at the gate in São Paulo waiting for the call to board, headed to Salvador for the year’s big event for the northeast. I ask prayer for a safe trip and that my two lessons and discussion classes will edify the brethren and encourage any non-Christians who might happen to be present. Pray too that I hold up well under some fierce temperatures. Continue reading

The Itaquera congregation in the state capital holds a yearly women’s day. Vicki was one of two featured speakers for the day. Her assigned topic was, “Do you still have hope in your hope?”

Three other women from SJC/Taubaté participated and rode with Vicki there and back. Over a hundred women were present for the event. Thanks to Aline who shot the photos. Continue reading

Here are a few details of our trip to teach on the NT church in the ministry training program in August. (Coming up in next report, the work details.)

  1. Each day began with a devotional led by either the program director or one of the students.
  2. After our breaks, I’d ask male students to lead us in prayer and song. The presence of God livened our hearts.
  3. On Thursday I taught the students a song I had translated. Vicki pulled out one I had written and we sang it too. Continue reading