by Margaret L. Been

[Both the essay and the painting, “The Mist of Time,” are Margaret’s art. I asked to publish this essay, from her book Painting Your Canvas: Artful Reflections for Keepers at Home (Phillips, WI: Elk River Books, 2007), p. 5. See info at end on how to order.]

The Mist of Time by Margaret L. Been

It was late in the 1950s — maybe 1959. I took the left-over holiday ham — still on its big, clunky bone — out of the refrigerator, to slice it up for our day-after-Christmas lunch. One of our luncheon guests sat at my kitchen table, observing the young children as they played on the kitchen floor while the baby bobbled about in his bouncy chair.

Then the guest turned her attention to the ham and my ritual of slicing. With sardonic precision, she questioned: “Is this what you are doing with your life?” Continue reading