The morning is well along, and I’m still at home working from my 5.30 am awakening. We might get some rain today, and temps ought to be lower than yesterday, but still warm.

Good moment for tea and muffins, to the sound of some Hawaiian music, out on the back porch.

Posts that came online since I laid my head down last night are the daughter’s OK-corralling and my BNC editorial on embracing the risk of mission. Continue reading

Bom dia, amigos! Good morning, friends!

Stomach feels a bit heavy after a great Brazilian cookout last night, but we’re good to go today on this Lord’s Day. We’ll lunch with friends out of town, in Tremembé, invited so we can encourage some folks who lost their father suddenly. Then on to regular commitments today in Taubaté and SJCampos.  I pray your day holds as much opportunity! Continue reading

¶ Ever wonder, “Why do I bother, when it (whatever “it” is) seems to make no difference, or little difference?” Yeah, me, too, sometimes. (How’s that for a sentence with as many commas as words?) So how many times have you read 1 Cor 15.58?

¶ This not-so-royal couple hit the ground running on arrival Wednesday: Continue reading

  1. I had intended to participate in NaPoWriMo this month. Day 1 passed me by without notice. Perhaps it’s best I don’t try it this year, since we’ll travel to the US later this month. I’ll still write some poetry, however, if not every day. Point: You can’t do it all; choose wisely.
  2. Last night I lost my ride to the men’s event for this morning. I speak on Saturday. Considering options. Point: You always have options.
  3. Read here this short piece I wrote about being flexible. I’m still learning. Point: Don’t let a wrench in plans discourage you; it’s life.
  4. Plans without work are pipe dreams. So says Pro 13.4. Key word is “diligent.” Something I need to hear often. (Chapter 13 was in my Bible reading this morning.) Point: Get busy.
  5. When King David is about to die, the first thing he tells his son Solomon is to obey God. “Now, carefully obey all the commands of the Lord your God. Carefully obey all his laws, commands, decisions, and agreements. Obey everything that is written in the Law of Moses. If you do this, you will be successful at whatever you do and wherever you go” 1 Kgs 2.3 ERV. Good deathbed advice. Good advice any time. Point: Obey God — what is lacking in your obedience?
  6. The apostle Paul joins humility and tears in Ac 20.18-21. He stays on course to preach the Good News of the grace of God. He does not veer away from opposition. His pride doesn’t seek to preserve his life. Is this why it’s hard to be humble? Point: Humility is akin to courage.
  7. Servants can get lax in their service. Maybe they count themselves privileged and think they can get lazy or have a right to do things forbidden to others. Adab and Abihu found out differently. Obedience means showing respect for holy things. See Lev 22. “Remember my commands, and obey them. I am the Lord. Show respect for my holy name” v. 31-32a. Point: Fear God.

What action points have you noted lately? I’d love to hear them. Share them below.