Points along my spiritual journey

One post can’t do justice to even a small slice of my spiritual journey. But here are some points I’ve been pondering that might encourage you as you look toward the new year.

PRAYER. It seems to be a fair, if anecdotal, assessment that Brazilians are more interested in prayer than Bible study, and Americans are more interested in Bible study than prayer. I’ve tried to learn more for, and practice better, my prayer life. Continue reading “Points along my spiritual journey”

Sat. morning, smell of tea and muffins, sound of Hawaiian music

The morning is well along, and I’m still at home working from my 5.30 am awakening. We might get some rain today, and temps ought to be lower than yesterday, but still warm.

Good moment for tea and muffins, to the sound of some Hawaiian music, out on the back porch.

Posts that came online since I laid my head down last night are the daughter’s OK-corralling and my BNC editorial on embracing the risk of mission. Continue reading “Sat. morning, smell of tea and muffins, sound of Hawaiian music”

Heavy stomach, light heart

Bom dia, amigos! Good morning, friends!

Stomach feels a bit heavy after a great Brazilian cookout last night, but we’re good to go today on this Lord’s Day. We’ll lunch with friends out of town, in Tremembé, invited so we can encourage some folks who lost their father suddenly. Then on to regular commitments today in Taubaté and SJCampos.  I pray your day holds as much opportunity! Continue reading “Heavy stomach, light heart”

Daily notes: Bother, recipe, Malaysia, Ireland, important links, reading

¶ Ever wonder, “Why do I bother, when it (whatever “it” is) seems to make no difference, or little difference?” Yeah, me, too, sometimes. (How’s that for a sentence with as many commas as words?) So how many times have you read 1 Cor 15.58?

¶ This not-so-royal couple hit the ground running on arrival Wednesday: Continue reading “Daily notes: Bother, recipe, Malaysia, Ireland, important links, reading”

Waiting to fly

So here we are in the airport in São Paulo, early, waiting for our flight. We’ve had a very calm day, in spite of travel. I made the Missus stay home today instead of running around doing last minute things, and that has helped a lot. Of course, being a holiday today contributed to that. No banks open, etc. Continue reading “Waiting to fly”