Alcides and Silvia did the work, we enjoyed the result. We’d been needing to do this for a long time, after we had water leakage on the wall with the window. We took advantage to repaint, since it’d been several years. Was time for the blue wall to go.

We pulled out the leather world map bought some 25 years ago in Belo Horizonte, our engagement-present artwork from the Ingrams in 1979, a painting bought in Texas back in 82-83, and had them hung, along with a flower painting (over the dining table) given us by Anibal, the most recent item of all.

Now work is progressing on the social bathroom and kitchen wall, then to the bedrooms to fix those walls.

Thanks to the Baker Heights congregation, which provided us some funds last year, we were able to redo part of the outside of the house to solve a serious drainage problem that caused leakage inside the house.

Next step: to put down a sealant in the carport. Then to fix the walls inside the house where the leakage caused damage.

Last year the Baker Heights congregation had a special offering for their missions efforts. They sent us some funds to use however we saw best. Since we needed some urgent work done on the house because of water infiltration, we set it aside for that.

We’d been talking with one contractor since last year, and finally had to find another, since he kept giving us the run-around. We hope these guys will do a good job, they seem to be decent fellows.

The flowers are still blooming in spite of all that’s going on around them.