Prayer for November, 2010:

We invite the brotherhood to dedicate the month of November to the following petition:

May we dedicate ourselves to developing the spirit rather than giving in to the flesh; to decency and not sensuality. (see Romans 13:13-14)

May our missionary petition be:

That our life in Christ may underline the truth of our message of proclamation. (see 1 Peter 2:11-12)

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Prayer for May 2010 –We invite the brotherhood to dedicate the month of May to the following petition:

That those being baptized may understand the nature of the commitment that they are assuming in Christ.

May our missionary petition be:

That we teach Jesus’ Lordship to those outside of Christ in a way that they understand what it means to be his disciples.

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This little piece on the Facebook page “Jesus Lord and Savior,” entitled “Ask the Lord,” is one of the most intriguing things I’ve written of late. Yes, a subjective call, I know. But it has me pondering.

Your perspective would be invaluable to me here.

As I mention on the page there, only when you look up the references to the Bible passages will you get the full idea and benefit.

Prayer for August 2009 –We invite the brotherhood to dedicate the month of July to the following petition:

August 24 is Infancy Day. Let us pray that every child may be reared in security and with love, in homes that follow Christ. August 9 in some countries is Father’s Day. May the men assume their role as spiritual guides in the home.

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Today I’m keeping in mind several prayer requests that are special to me. If you have one you’d like me to add to my list, share it below and I’ll pray about it throughout the day.

And if you’d like to mention mine before the Lord, here are a couple of them from my list:

Our son Joel continues to search for a job; we pray the Lord will open the right door for him.

We pray that several people who have heard the gospel will obey the Lord.