Glory for Jesus

God reveals his glory to man. He revealed it most fully in Jesus. Jesus’ miracles showed his divine nature. They were done to bring us to believe in him and confess him as the Chosen One. Praise God for his glory in Jesus!

Glory for satisfaction

God satisfies our every need. Our greatest needs are spiritual. But he even teaches us to pray for our daily physical necessities. He wants us to depend upon him to provide for us. First, however, he wants us to seek him. Glory to God for satisfaction!

Glory for fire

To fear God is to recognize him for who he is. It means to show deep awe, reverence, respect. After all, he can destroy both body and soul in hell! Fear also means to respond appropriate to him as Creator and Sovereign, by obeying all his commands. This fear is a companion to love for God. Let us praise him for being the Devouring Fire!

Glory for friendship

God is a friend to those who love him do his will. He shares his knowledge and blessing with his friends. “He reveals his intimate counsel to the upright.” He makes us partners in his work of reconciliation. Glory to God for his friendship with man!

Glory for help

God helps the helpless. He reaches the unreachable. Those who face the impossible have a God with whom all things are possible. God can do all things and his people are enabled to serve and change. Glory to him who can and will help!

Glory for vindication

God executes his judgment against evil and against evildoers. The righteous desire justice in the world. They live according to God’s word. They want to see his salvation come to all. Evil is opposition to God. It must therefore be defeated. When God judges sinners, his people are vindicated. Glory to God for his righteous judgment!

Glory for producing

The gospel doesn’t just bring out the best in people—it produces in those who believe a new nature. God knows the worst of humanity and overcomes it to transform the willing into the image of Christ. Glory to God for producing this new nature!

Glory for Fatherhood

God is Father to those who become Christians, who are born again of the water and Spirit. We are privileged to call him Father in prayer and to ask him to fulfill his good will in our lives. He makes us part of his family, the church. Here, love reigns. Glory to God for his Fatherhood!

Glory for protecting

God guards the way of the godly. He sees his people’s sufferings. He honors their commitment to him. He takes care of the one who trusts in him. God leads us at every moment and protects us in the darkest hours. Glory to God who guards his people!

Glory for risk

God knows what it’s like to be betrayed, to be rejected. Because of his love, he was willing to risk—and continues to risk—rejection. He continues to pursue reconciliation with us. He still looks for someone to understand his love and turn to him. Glory to God for his willingness to risk!