by Richard Mansel

I am one of those people for whom writing is not optional. The urge is within me and it has its own mind, body and force of will. Holding it back would be akin to wielding a spoon against a flood. It will flow whether it has a voice or not because it is relentless and resilient.

I know how that sounds. Who would want a raging river in their heads, seeking an open door? It is not evil like the voices in the head of the disheveled lunatic raging at aliens. On the contrary, it is the daily reality of any truly artistic person.

It is said, “A writer writes.” This is true of artists and musicians because the art form is in every cell of their being and they have no choice but to express it. We control what we will do with the art form, but not whether it will pound on the door. Continue reading

Please read this story. Eddie has helped our work in so many ways, it’s hard to count. Though we’d worked together long before, I finally met him in 2006 at the first Preacher’s Files Lectureship in Berryville, Ark. We have a bit of history together in our work on the Internet. He hosts many of our sites and keeps them going. Please read about his time for a change and consider it carefully.

Joy of Running
Keith Kasarjian in a meet

by Keith Kasarjian

Why Do You Run?

I’ve been asked that question a number of times; most of the time by others and occasionally by myself. Most of the time, the answers are easy to come by but there are days I wonder why. Only recently have I reluctantly admitted that I am indeed a runner. That title always seemed to belong to someone else but the reality is that I’ve always been a runner! In the neighborhood, on the playground, on the track team, up and down the field and court, or in the backyard – I’ve always run. But not this kind of running!

But I don’t run just to run. In fact, if I had to run 3 miles worth of circles 3 times a week at the track I would quit! I like to run different neighborhoods, wooded trails, and new places. In fact, I make it a point to not run the same place, pace, or distance any 2 consecutive runs. Variety is the spice of life, you know! Continue reading