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Cloudburst: Such a One (read the first stanza here)

Last night, several people were down, unhappy, even grumbling a bit, as they arrived for our mid-week Bible reading here at our house. For one, a friend had died earlier in the day from a battle with cancer. Another had problems in a relationship. The presidential election did not go as most expected, and great uncertainty reigns as the reelected socialist president promises to give her attention to urgent political reforms. Read More

Cloudburst: Beneath My Hands

On an open-source social media in a far, far realm of virtual space, where only plain text finds a place upon a user’s wall, where the mark of a writer is the strength of his word, did appear these brief and simple lines lauding┬áthat plane supporting the tools of tongue and trade.

And here may you, who were, among all mankind, the recipients of that missive containing these lines, speak to their creator.

Be you worthy, beware your speaking, and bear well your privilege.