By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

The music suddenly stopped, a pause
of abject fear. The almighty Cause
pronounced the sentence. Terror rose
from deep within, to see the close
of blessing, the shutting off of light,
the end of hope. Bursting from lips
that trembled at the eternal eclipse
of God, arose at first a moan,
low and guttural, throaty groan,
that built and swelled to a constant stream,
perdition’s forever-lasting scream,
in total blackness, never-ending night.


By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

The only time this child was held
With utmost care and full concern,
Newborn — the doctor slashed his face,
Removed for research his tiny brain.


The video has been out there for some days. This headline quote prompted the quatrain above. Careful meter, no rhyme for this this cruelest and most vile act. Sorry, no image either. Doesn’t seem fitting.

The UPLift poem this week was a day late. This Cloudburst verse is a day early, so the two of them meet here today on the site.

I’m sending this one early, because I travel tomorrow to speak at the Northeast Christian Lectureship (Congresso cristão do nordeste). I’ll return, Lord willing, late Monday night. That means you’ll likely not hear from me until sometime next week. (No cheering, please.) Continue reading