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Cloudburst: Another Orchid Fell

Here’s the homey background to this short, sad stanza.

Cloudburst: Before and After

Read the background to this week’s Cloudburst Poem, the first stanza, and a Bible verse about the eternal nature of God.

Cloudburst: Such a One (read the first stanza here)

Last night, several people were down, unhappy, even grumbling a bit, as they arrived for our mid-week Bible reading here at our house.

Cloudburst: Time for Eternity

Time is a recurrent theme of mine, as subscribers to Cloudburst are aware by now. But I don’t think I’ve used the concept of an exchange (term repeated twice) before.

Cloudburst: Beneath My Hands

On an open-source social media in a far, far realm of virtual space, where only plain text finds a place upon a user’s wall, where the mark of a writer is the strength of his word, did appear these brief… Continue Reading →

Cloudburst: This House

This poem found me as I sat and stared at the worn tiles of the bathroom floor. Inspiration appears at its own beckoning; it makes no appointments, consults no one if the time is convenient.

Cloudburst: Routine (a limerick and an extra)

For subscribers, and non, to the email list, an extra for you in this post.

Cloudburst: ‘Hell Is Where They Will Reside’

When politicians talk about sending somebody to hell, beware! Let them restrict themselves to actions for this life. Let God take care of assigning people to their eternal destination. Today’s Cloudburst offering touches on this and on how Christ’s disciples… Continue Reading →

Cloudburst Poem: The Carnal Soul

A new, but somber Cloudburst poem.

Cloudburst Syndicated Poetry: In lands afar

A new offering for the special poetry list.

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