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God offers unlimited power, within parameters

Eph 3.19-20: God desires to exercise his power to enliven and enlighten as many as possible.

What distinguishes the people of God from all others

Exodus 33.16: Here is what sets God’s people apart from all others, true more so today than when Moses spoke it.

Committing to the truth from love

Eph 4.15: Desire for progress toward Christ drives the truth-action.

Do you believe this?

John 11.25-26: Some good questions to consider to appreciate the truth of Jesus’ declaration.

Think carefully about the past, in order to change your future

Haggai 2.18-19: Look to the past to understand why things have happened to you and how to change your future.

‘What a beautiful thought!’

Ezekiel 33.32: Thinking the word of God is beautiful solves nothing.

A bigger issue than the devil’s power

Luke 4.8: Could the devil have given all the world’s kingdom’s to Jesus? Does it matter?

Before teaching, be taught

Job 22.22: Eliphaz must learn to do what he has told Job to do.

No one was found

Ezekiel 22.30: Will this verse become a prophecy of our days?

Following his father’s example

2 Chronicles 26.4: In the home, in the church, in the Bible, in the Lord, we can find examples to follow.

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