All or nothing


Some Christians are converted out of the world, where they had little or no religious background. They become Christians, but after a time they bump into the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in practical living. So when he orders something they don’t like, they leave the Way and join a denomination that permits them to follow their human desires. And there they stay, talking about Jesus as Lord and Savior, but denying his sovereignty over their lives, thinking that God will approve of their religion. Continue reading

The longest way



The shortcut you think may save you time and grief may never get you to your destination. It may seem the quickest way. It promises to reroute you, past the hard incline, around the boulders, and over bogs. But it may well end in the thick of the forest, where it throws you into a tangle of briars and limbs and crevices from which you cannot extricate yourself. Continue reading