The Bible is the one book you want to have in your library and in your mind. We talk about it in this category. For more, see

The Bible, from there to here

Revelation 1.10-11: The Bible is a message for every age.

The darkness cannot extinguish the light

John 1.5: The disciple appears weak, but victory is certain.

The latest new thing

Romans 6.4: Here’s how to get it.

What controls your thinking?

Psalms 37.31: God’s mind-control is a good thing!

So-called knowledge

1 Timothy 6.20-21: Stick with the gospel!

What’s your preference?

Jeremiah 5.31: People love it.

Loving pleasure rather than God

2 Timothy 3.4: Which will it be?

‘Apart from your Father': Nothing escapes God

Matthew 10.29: God sees and controls it all.

5 points on the good kind of despair

Psalm 119.147: Applications from this verse on direction, expectations, and prayer.

The great frustration

Ecclesiastes 1.18: Study will not saturate your spirit with joy.

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