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The prayer of simplicity

Luke 11.3: You want simplicity? Or do you just think that you do?

My little secret and the secret of the text

Acts 20.21: This proposed solution to a difficulty in interpretation seems to cover the bases.

If we are really on the Lord’s side

2 Kings 10.6: Loyalty exacts a high price. Are we willing to pay it?

When fearful, seek the Lord’s advice

2 Chronicles 20.3: Fear led a king to consult the Lord, with marvelous results.

The fundamental principle for wise living

Psalm 111.10: Here are some big reasons to consider for the Way and for living from day to day.

Protection and destruction in the same phrase

Nahum 1.7-8: God is good, and his goodness means severity toward evil.

Good organization maximizes your good deeds

Luke 9.14: Jesus took the time to organize everyone so that all could benefit from his miracle.

God offers unlimited power, within parameters

Eph 3.19-20: God desires to exercise his power to enliven and enlighten as many as possible.

What distinguishes the people of God from all others

Exodus 33.16: Here is what sets God’s people apart from all others, true more so today than when Moses spoke it.

Committing to the truth from love

Eph 4.15: Desire for progress toward Christ drives the truth-action.

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