Poll: How little Americans read the Bible

Our comments on a new poll just released, with some surprising and discouraging information.

Marx’s system of ‘equality’

Tonight, watching KAIT 8 news at 6 p.m., out of Jonesboro, we saw a report about cutbacks and no summer school for students. One scene showed a student working on a computer, with the monitor sporting these words:

What the Bible says about health

Well, let’s restrict it to the New Testament, shall we? Here’s a word search on “health, healthy,” from the ESV. Acts.3.16    And his name—by faith in his name—has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith… Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving, not Wantbuying

Thanksgiving is not a major economic holiday in terms of retail sales. Because he who gives thanks for what he has, forgets his wants. The counting of blessings precludes the making of wish lists. Gratitude enumerates what has been received,… Continue Reading →

I’ll Spend More Money

A light piece of verse, but heavy hearted, from the direction of the US. Many people have wondered why the government can do what they can’t personally in their finances. It’s a legitimate question, which I ask in poetic form.

Pray for this soldier

Have been following a soldier’s arrival and settling-in in northern Iraq, through emails.

The Fourth of July

Sundry thoughts on America’s Independence Day.

Invite President Obama to church

This email arrived today from a friend, which I’ve posted with her permission …

UPLift: Hollywood

A short item addressed to the movie moguls of that stained spot on the map.

The march of Marxism

They’re coming after your children.

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