Catching up with ourselves

Check out these tidbits about family and work over the past week or so.

  • Vicki had some exams done last week, the results of which we’re supposed to call about today. Medical exams generate concern, so we’re praying for good news.
  • My seminar in Prazeres weekend before last was well received, and I came back with a bad sunburn. Today, the peeling phase.
  • This past weekend was the National Encounter for Christian Workers; I went Friday only and heard four good lessons from Brazil brethren. A sour note: they had a two-man praise team leading, and at one point one of them extolled how essential new songs and praise teams were to a congregation’s “praise” (= singing).
  • I carted people out with me to the Mt. of Olives youth camp where the NECW was held: Wagner, a young Christian at SJC, we whisked up on the Dutra highway before leaving town; Haroldo, a Christian from Taubaté, whom I picked up at the SJC bus station; Luciano Campos, evangelist from Prazeres, who was waiting on us at the Guarulhos airport.
  • Leila was also in the car. I carried her to a young ladies’ event held simultaneously at a rented facility just outside the city of Embu Guaçu, where the youth camp is also located.
  • Saturday, Vicki and I zipped into São Paulo to pick up Leila at the 9th of July church building, on return from the young ladies’ event.
  • I’m racing to finish (i.e., start) my manuscript for the missionary retreat which has to be turned in by April 1st.
  • A Brazilian brother has written and self-published a 344-page commentary on the book of Revelation. I have three boxes of them to pass on to others at cost.
  • Sunday I preached at SJC in my series “The Attitudes of Jesus,” on “Jesus, the Failure.” At Taubaté, I closed out the “Dead and Dying” series with “Jesus, the Resurrected.”
  • After 8 years, my barber raised his rates for men’s haircuts from R$10 to R$12. I honestly don’t know how he kept from upping his price before now.
  • To keep up with our work and life in Brazil, sign up to the Brazil list by sending any email to this address and then replying to the confirmation request.
  • Online comments are always welcome.
J. Randal Matheny

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3 thoughts on “Catching up with ourselves

  1. This is actually the first time I’ve read your report online. It’s good to hear of the good work you are doing. My wife and I will pray that you and your family continue to meet with good success in the work in Brazil. If you have time, could you give me an idea how much it would cost for a short term (two weeks or less) work trip there? Do you encourage that sort of thing? They do it a lot with the work our congregation sponsers in the south Pacific.

  2. Thanks, Steve, we especially appreciate your prayers. Basically, to come here, it’s the price of airfare from your location (near Atlanta?) to Sao Paulo. Depending on time of year, it might be between $900-1000 or more. Once you get here, we take care of you. We’re just less than an hour from the Sao Paulo (Guarulhos) airport.

    We’re always happy to have people come for a work trip. Here, the situation is a bit different, but we can always use the extra help, assuming you can teach and preach.

    We’ve had a number of people to come, such as Mike Benson and Kevin Cauley, whom you may know of. Usually, they have a series of lessons, seminar or theme for classes.

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