Catch-up time

Bulletin approved. Good men’s encounter. Good day Sunday. Move upcoming.

The church approved Sunday the new large four-page format for the bulletin. Now to keep it going. It costs around $18 an issue when we print 30 copies at a digital copier. Looks nice. See it here in pdf format.

The men’s encounter had over 42 present, from 12 congregations, best attendance so far in its three-year existence. My lesson, “Children, Be Imitators of Me,” seemed to go over well. I did it in manuscript form and pretty much stuck to the text, except for a final example. Next year the Embu-Guaçu church will host the one-day meet, which makes it a far journey for us, about three hours away, so we’ll have to think twice.

Sunday was a good day. During May-June I’ve been teaching the Bible school. We’re doing an all-year survey of the Bible. I’m putting my material in the bulletin and will offer to do that for the next teachers as well. Am also putting the sermon outline there. In preparing for the classes, on the prophets, I’ve been well pleased with the Portuguese translation of Paul R. House, Old Testament Theology (InterVarsity Press, 1998). His correspondence of themes between the major and minor prophets was the find of the year for me. I hope nobody has debunked it. For some reason I was a bit more fiery in my sermon Sunday than normal. What got into me?

The owners of the music school next to me didn’t go for my proposal to let the church here meet in their large room beginning in July. Their concern, which I share, was children getting into things. So looks like we’ll squeeze in here at the office until some more permanent arrangement is made. I offered the office and didn’t think the church would take me up on it, but they did. Now I’ve got to get a bunch of material and boxes out of the other side. My office is divided down the middle by a wall; other side is mainly books, file cabinets and boxes.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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