Cardinal: Family is ‘world’s greatest problem’

The Roman Catholic cardinal said it Friday in a tone of jest, but perhaps his joke held something of his theology.

E perguntou aos repórteres o que aconselhariam para que a Igreja consiga aumentar o número de padres. “Acabar com o celibato? Mas o maior problema do mundo é a família!”, disse, provocando risos.

My translation: “And he asked reporters what they would recommend so that the [Catholic] Church could raise the number of priests. ‘Do away with the celibacy? But the world’s greatest problem is the family!’ he said, causing laughter.”

D. Eusébio Oscar Sheid served 10 years in São José dos Campos and is returning here after an eight-year stint in Rio where he ruffled feathers. The report said he had built himself a house here during his service.

So the family is the world’s greatest problem, says the archbishop. Even in jest, his words cut deeply for a religion that purports to value the family. His words are shameful and indefensible.

On the other hand, Catholic clergy have undermined families through massive immorality in their ranks, as the Catholic chiefs continue to deal with repeated scandals of pedophile priests.

If the family is the world’s greatest problem, the Catholic Church must be close to being the family’s greatest affliction.

J. Randal Matheny

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