Buying a car

I get nervous when it comes to buying a car.

In the last 23 years in Brazil, we’ve done it twice. The first time it was a new little Chevrolet, alcohol-powered, basic model car. We had a wheeler-dealer missionary who knew the dealership owner, so there wasn’t much to sweat over there.

The second time was some 12-13 years later, here in SJC, and I had some help from brethren here, bought a fairly new used car from an individual, and that was scary. But it turned out to be a good deal.

Now, with the help of our mechanic, and a little help from friends, we’re going for another used car, this time from a dealership, and hoping it all works out. We’ve closed the deal, but as they say, the deal is never done until the money changes hands. So we’re praying it goes through without any problems.

If all goes well, by next week we’ll show you a picture of our car.

J. Randal Matheny

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