The Missus goes Sat. to São Paulo, with a good group of ladies from our region, to hear and support Paula, who will be speaking at a ladies’ event in one of the congregations there. She will take our car, and another vehicle will follow her. So I’ll be on foot for the day.

Aline from Taubaté will come tonight and spend the night, since the ladies will leave around 6:30 am. So Aline and Humberto are going to have supper with us tonight.

Then, tomorrow, I’ll do a favor for Humberto, who will have a big test tomorrow afternoon (and Sunday) here in SJCampos, a government entry exam for a profession he’s interested in. A friend of his is also coming. He asked me to drop them off at the test site, since thousands will be there, and parking will be a major problem. So I’ll keep his car during the test, then pick them up after it’s over.

So we’ll have an interesting weekend.

I finally got my hair cut today after weeks of shagginess. What a relief! Even got my favorite hair clipper to cut it, though she’s a bit more expensive than the regular barbers. Vicki had her pedicure and manicure done, same place, same time. (These are absolute requirements for Brazilian women.)

Got another invitation yesterday to write a short article for a major brotherhood paper. On a great topic as well. Will have to make time soon to work on that.

Snow in the old hometown, in March. Rarity. Must be global warming. Mom said they got four inches of it during the night, but the streets were clear. Here, in the meantime, lots of rain.

I took The Missus by a drug store today. The automatic sliding doors for some reason brought to mind when I was a kid living on the farm, we’d go into town and the grocery store had automatic doors. (I think those swung inward, rather than sliding back and forth.) Back then, though, they were mechanical/electrical, with huge pads in front, so that when you stepped on them, the doors opened. Technology has come a ways since then.

Modern Bible versions have inserted the idea of “leadership” into Scripture. But so many of us had already embraced it, influenced by evangelical literature which imported business principles almost whole-hog into ecclesiology. And it shows in our practice and language. I pray God will root it out of our midst.

3 thoughts on “Busy weekend ahead

  1. I am intrigued by your last paragraph. I may be a bit brain fogged since it’s the end of a hectic work week but…are you speaking of everyone thinking they are in leadership as opposed to say, elders? Or am I missing the boat entirely?

    Apologies if I am way off course!

    • Hi, Andrea, thanks for your question. Sorry that I wasn’t more clear. We’ve been influenced by business ideas about leadership, that have little to do with the Biblical teaching on serving as members of the body of Christ. Much of the teaching done on it comes not from the Bible but from books, mostly by evangelicals, that have inserted business concepts into the church.

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