Busy Sunday

Brazilian Zeal Missions report, BZ Weekly. A bit longer than usual.

NO ENCOUNTER, TRIP PREP. Because of our near travel date for the U.S. at the end of the month, I decided at the last minute not to go to the National Christian Workers Encounter (NCWE), held the Friday and Saturday before Easter each year. This is the first time I’ve missed in 15 years.

Vicki took Leila to the consulate in Sao Paulo last Tuesday to renew her American passport. That was a dry run, so they went back Wednesday and spent the night with our friends Jorge and Paula, who live in Sao Paulo, to be on the consulate doorstep early the next day. Leila should get her passport before we travel.

Among other tasks, the itinerary for the U.S. trip got nudged forward, if not nailed down completely.

LEILA TO GIRLS’ MEET. Leila did make it Friday and Saturday for the young girls’ retreat, held not far from the NCWE site. Jorge and Paula were kind enough to let her stay Thursday night, took her to catch the bus Friday and picked her up Saturday. Leila then spent Saturday night with them and came to church with them Sunday morning.

They’ve threatened to keep her permanently. Their nine-year-old son Daniel thinks Leila hung the moon. She’s been his Bible school teacher for many months.

AT LUNCH AND CHURCH, CHURCH, CHURCH. Jorge and Paula came to lunch yesterday at our house for Vicki’s fine meal. They work with three churches: SJCampos, Taubate and Guaratingueta, we, at the moment, with the first two. So we see them during most of the day on Sundays.
Vale do Paraiba

(Above, principal cities in our region of Paraiba Valley and North Coast of Sao Paulo state. The yellow dot at left is the state capital, also named Sao Paulo. Tan area, right, is Rio de Janeiro state; yellow area, top, Minas Gerais state. From capital to SJCampos is 90 km.)

We often have lunch with them on Sundays, if not at our house then at a restaurant, since long worship services and long visitation afterwards often precludes preparing lunch between meeting times. SJCampos meets at 9:30, but it’s often 1 p.m. when we leave. Taubate meets at 4 p.m., and it’s a 40-minute drive. It’s often 7 p.m. before we get home.

Then Jorge and Paula go on to the church in Guaratingueta, which meets at 7 p.m. They don’t get home until around midnight.

And Jorge has a full-time job, working often from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the week.

A DEDICATED COUPLE. Jorge has requested transfer back to our area from Sao Paulo. They hope to move to Taubate, if possible. They recently bought a lot there in hopes of building a house.

Paula has had some back problems, so they may have to curtail their Sunday activities. Pray she may find an effective treatment.

Jorge’s job is a sensitive one. He works in the federal justice system for a judge. Today a major decision is taking place, and he requested prayer yesterday about that.

Randal, Claudete, Jorge

(Above, Jorge assists with Claudete’s baptism as Randal teaches.)

Pray the Lord will protect this couple and bless them for all they do for the kingdom of God.

UPDATES. I’ve updated our FAQ page with two items:

* What’s your daily life like?
* What about your support?

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