Busy day Sunday

This past Sunday I preached three times, taught Bible class, and led singing twice, in three congregations.

In SJC at 9:30, I taught the Bible class and preached.

At Taubaté at 4 p.m., I led singing and preached.

Then, taking Jorge’s place, who is traveling for two weeks with work, I went to Guaratinguetá at 7 p.m., where I led singing and preached.

Vicki didn’t go with me, she was not well, her cough picked up during our trip to Belo Horizonte still hanging on.

At Taubaté, when I got the Via Dutra to leave for Guará, a heavy rain impeded progress. It slacked off, but I got more of it at Roseira. But there was none at Guará. Only when I got back to SJC, right after getting off the Dutra, did I catch any rain.

Between SJC and Taubaté, I’m doing a series on the Great Texts of the Bible. Finished “Prove the Spirits” in Bible class at SJC. At Guará I was going to preach a simplified version of my hour-long sermon/speech at Belo Horizonte on Joseph, but we had two new non-Christian visitors, so I centered my remarks on Matt. 7.21.

Vicki had coughed most of the night from Saturday to Sunday. She said she got some sleep beginning at 3 a.m. She got up and went on Joel’s bed during the night, so I think I started sleeping around 1 a.m. Up at 6:30 to look over my lessons.

After lunch at the Japanese vegetarian place, we both napped, so that refreshed me for my trek to Taubaté/Guará and back.

At Taubaté, Valéria had Hello-Dolly cake and forced a piece on me. Fatima had some cake after church at Guará, and when visitors left, fixed popcorn and pushed that on me. So I didn’t need any supper.

Got home about 11 p.m. That after the time changing the previous night and our losing an extra hour. Whew!

Ah, and the car died on me in Guará just before getting on the Via Dutra. After a while it started again, and I called Vicki to let her know of the problem. I didn’t have any further incident on the way home, though I took care to stay in the right lane and not pass when I had anybody behind me, just in case.

Monday morning, the car wouldn’t start at the padaria, so I took it to the mechanic. Diagnostic: bad fuel pump. Treatment: replacement and diminished pocketbook. Prognosis: another few hundred miles of good driving.

J. Randal Matheny

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