Bus rides

I caught the bus home yesterday afternoon. What is normally a 12-minute drive took me just under an hour, about 50 minutes, I think. I have to walk down the avenue some 10-15 minutes to the bus stop, close to Santos Dumont city park. I only had to wait another 15 minutes or so before my bus came by. (I have waited close to an hour before, so I was fortunate.) I just kept praying all that jolting in the bus didn’t lock up any muscles or pinch any nerves.

My neighbor goes to work around 7:20-7:30 a.m., and earlier he’d offered to drop me off close to the office in the mornings. Last night I didn’t think to ask for an early ride, so I kept my eye out for him this morning. By 7:35 he’d not appeared, so I walked down to the bus stop outside our neighborhood. Today is a holiday in São Paulo (founding of the city), so I thought maybe his firm was off today also. But after some 15 minutes of waiting he drives by, stops and calls my name, so I caught a ride with him. He offered to drop me in front of the office, but I didn’t want to put him off course, so I had a 10-minute walk from the avenue where he let me off to the office. Feeling OK still, so far.

J. Randal Matheny

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