SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS, Brazil (BZM) — Legal matters, classes and sermons, invitations, social networking.

Our brother in Christ, Jose Roberto, helps administer legal matters for the church at Sao Jose dos Campos (SJC). At the moment, he’s living with friends because of his problematic situation, and he’s been using my office nearly every day for the last month to get the church’s books ready to deliver to the accountant.

Such time-consuming bureaucracy is another good argument for a church to seek low paperwork status, which I hope to explain later. (Thinking of my presentation at the Missionary Retreat in Hamilton, Ala.)

Other news:

* In Sunday’s Bible class at SJC, I taught on the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts, which I’ll finish next week in the continuing series on the third person of the Godhead.

* For my sermon series on Functions and Roles in the Church, started in January in the Taubate church, I preached Sunday on elders. Next week, the topic will be deacons. So far I’ve dealt with apostles, prophets, teachers and evangelists.

* Three invitations invitations to speak in Belo Horizonte area later this year: the Total Transformation seminar in the Alipio de Melo church; a couples retreat; and a course, topic undetermined, for the Contagem church. How many of those I’ll be able to accept remains to be seen.

* Office rent went up 10% in January from R$400 to R$440.

* Brazilians are connected to the Internet and love social networks similar to Facebook. (Orkut is the national favorite.) An experiment I started for Christians at took off and over 100 people have signed up in less than a week.

I’ve also taken some criticisms for maintaining the site strictly as a place for Christians who believe the NT is our pattern for faith and practice, but many brethren have hailed it as a haven for themselves and their children.

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