We build homes, careers and lives, dedicating time, effort and money, in often exaggerated ways. But the children will leave home, one day we’ll retire, and death will arrive.

But you, beloved, build yourselves up in your most holy faith.
Jude 20 ESV

Spiritual edification is the only building that has eternal guarantees. it is a community process, not individual. The context suggests what should be done for such building:

  1. Pray in the Holy Spirit, according to the divine will, with confidence that the Spirit conducts our supplications to the Lord (v. 20);
  2. Live in God’s love, joyful in the love we receive and in our position of “beloved” as we show this love to others (v. 21);
  3. Cultivate the hope of Christ’s coming (v. 21);
  4. Work for the salvation of others (vv. 22-23).

To edify oneself and others in faith is the same as building upon Christ, for he is the object of our faith.

The faith is most holy for it shares the divine nature, comes from God, and is therefore deserving of our most intelligent, dedicated, and constant efforts.

2 thoughts on “Build yourselves up

  1. Amazing how simple, and how oft-repeated throughout Scripture, these simple instructions are. Pray, live, cultivate, serve others in the gospel – enough to stay productive for a lifetime!

    • So true! Plenty to do, no?

      Sorry I’ve not commented and replied more to the good comments. Have been out of pocket a lot, on the road, spending time with family.

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