Lunch with Brazil missionaries

Vicki and I enjoyed lunch today with Nick and Amy Fowler at Amy’s parents’ home in Mt Juliet TN. Our paths happened to cross on this trip.

Jonah, Nick, Amy, Vicki, Randal
Jonah, Nick, Amy, Vicki, Randal

Nick and Amy are sponsored by the Mt Juliet church. Nick and Jonah came to visit us in SJCampos last year. We’ve had some good contact with them over the past couple of years. We met Nick the first time at Polishing the Pulpit 2013.

The Fowlers work in Belém do Pará, up at the mouth of the Amazon River. They’ll finish their fifth year in June, he said. They’ve extended their time in Belém for two more years past the original five they planned for.

We talked about our individual ministries, bellyached a bit about Brazilian bureaucracy, and just had a relaxed conversation.

We consider them colleagues, even though they’re about 3000 km away.

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