A day at the children’s home

Time changes tonight. In Brazil. We’ll be three hours ahead of U.S. Central Time. Until it goes to DST, then we’ll be two.

With the car loaded down with cleaning materials, The Missus and I left The Maiden asleep this morning as we headed out for the city of Cabreúva to the Lar Cristão Children’s Home. The two-hour trip sometimes seems more trouble than its worth, but the directors and people who work with the home assure us our presence there is important.

Vicki and I are members of the Fiscal Council and representatives for the SJCampos congregation. The red tape in Brazil is unbelievable, impossible to keep up with completely, but the Lar does its best to keep all the documents in order.

The last hoop was a complicated fire project that costed almost 20 thousand dollars. Without that approval from the fire department, the home was in danger of closing.

All three elders of the Jundiaí church are involved. The city of Jundiaí is neighbor to Cabreúva. No better men anywhere. I worked closely with Alexandre on the Christian camp board. As of last September, Eduardo is working full-time as executive director. He’s got background in business, left a lucrative job to earn a third of what he’s receiving at the home. Seems to be turning things around.

We left this morning around 8, returned at 4:30 p.m. São Paulo state has become one big, voracious toll booth. Vicki calculated that we spent R$41,85 in tolls, or about US$25 in highway tolls.

At the meeting, I picked up an unprotected wifi from a nearby industry, so I tweeted and facebooked a tad. OK, I checked my email, too.

Are you getting Quick Bible Truths? See here about QBT and how to get it through Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress. Today’s post:

Repetition is a basic rule for learning. “Let all Israel repeat: ‘His faithful love endures forever.'” Ps 118.2 #NLT

Last, this: “… those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever” (Daniel 12:3b NLT). He who shines his light now, will shine forever. So get out there in the darkness, and shine! (Isaiah 60:1).

Update: QBT is no more. Might try my 7points on my microblog.

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