Brad ThorFirst, let’s use a comparison: Dale Brown’s use of the Portuguese language in his Act of War, to make it more authentic, was so atrocious that I barely was able to finish the book. He had to have used Google translator or a dullard’s phrase book. I don’t think even Google could mess up the language that badly.

I just finished Brad Thor’s The First Commandment. I enjoyed it thoroughly, as all his other novels. His treatment of the segment in Brazil is fairly well done. No big complaints. But there were two small items.

One, he has Harvath and the Troll eating feijoada out of Styrofoam cups. Hmm, don’t think so. That stew has to be eaten hot, lots of fat in it. I can’t see, have never seen, any restaurant or vendor selling take-out feijoada.

Two, I have no idea what the phrase “Brazil was a relatively small country” could mean, in any sense. It apparently echoes some of Harvath’s thinking about the Troll’s track-down of the money trail. But in no way can Brazil be called a small country, not geographically, economically, nada. It’s larger than the continental U.S., tenth largest economy in the world, top ten in population. Small? Come on, Brad!

These are small nits, the latter worse than the first, but they didn’t keep me from staying glued to the book and enjoying another good tale from Brad’s pen.


What do you think?