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¶ Ever wonder, “Why do I bother, when it (whatever “it” is) seems to make no difference, or little difference?” Yeah, me, too, sometimes. (How’s that for a sentence with as many commas as words?) So how many times have you read 1 Cor 15.58?

¶ This not-so-royal couple hit the ground running on arrival Wednesday:

  • Thursday night, we went to Bible study at Douglas’s house. (He had a great study.)
  • Today, headed for a big cookout at Paulo’s house. (After American hamburgers, bring on the Brazilian churrasco.)
  • Tomorrow, possibly, lunch in Taubaté to encourage some folks.
  • This besides bill paying, food buying, and other back-home chores such as figuring out where your keys are and wondering why your tongue doesn’t work so well anymore in Portuguese.

¶ DIL Val flew to Kuala Lumpur on business trip to train workers there, for 10 days. Pray she gets home OK.

¶ Missus fixed new recipe last night, a chocolate pudding based on natural stuff like avocado, chocolate, honey, and vanilla. A keeper.

¶ Ireland voted in a nationwide referendum to approve gay marriage. So much for being a Catholic country. Akin to Brazil in that respect: Much Catholicism, little commitment to its teachings.

¶ Over on TFR, I posted a nice commentary on Col 4.6 earlier today, “Depends on whom you’re talking to.” If you’re a disciple, you might be interested in it. (Of course, I think you really ought to read it. This is the “important link” referred to in the title.)

¶ First use today of New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition was positive, as I found good, quotable material. I was excited by that McKay’s purchase for ten bucks.

¶ Finished a Tom Clancy/Mark Greaney novel last night, which I had bought at Target to read on our return home. Alternated between it and a Jack Reacher novel. Still yet to finish the latter.

¶ June 4 three brothers in Christ come visiting from São Paulo for talk, questions, ministry ideas. I know one well, the others somewhat. Looking forward to that. They think I might have some answers. Imagine that!

¶ The return trip to Brazil was so smooth, with perfect connections, it almost revived my taste for air travel. I said almost. Seats are going to have to get larger for said revival to occur. Or one of those rich relatives of mine (I have so many) will have to leave me a fortune so I can ride in fancy class at the front of the plane.

¶ Jorge called today saying that, as they were inching back into São Paulo Sunday-before-last, their car was back-ended. No one was hurt, for which we are thankful. But now his car will be in the shop for some six weeks.

¶ Second and perhaps most important link: My contribution earlier this week to a series on Bible characters: Jesus. Subject matter certainly deserves reading.

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