Mansion and grounds turned City Park, SJCampos

• Mom sent me 4 of my books June 26; they arrived Saturday. Took almost a month. Three cheers for the mail system. The Missus was quite pleased at the dedication.

• Tomorrow is a municipal holiday here, anniversary of the city. Origins go back to the end of the 16th century, but the official count is 243 years. Brazil is one of the countries with the most holidays in the year.

• Got yet another editorial article up on FMag. Reaching a modern record for not having any misses. Richard is proud of me. Today, from the weepy words of tough old Jeremiah, “You Are the Burden.”

• Richard and I are in serious talks about a complete revamp of the FMag site. Way overdue.

• One week and one day until takeoff to the US.

• Last night at Taubate I led the singing, since Humberto came back from his army assignment up in Recife with a sermon all ready. Ricardo has been leading singing, so he was more than willing to take a break.

• Pizza last night with Humberto and Aline, young couple from church. Since we don’t live there, we have to make opportunities to be with people and be involved in the work there. Most pizzerias don’t open until 7 p.m. or after, so we had to go to the Taubate mall to find one that was open.

• Was greatly saddened this afternoon when a good brother forwarded an email from another good brother, with links to unbiblical practices of progressive churches. Some of these guys are supported by very conservative churches who know what they are doing, but for whatever reason keep supporting them. Must not believe the truth very strongly.

• Have replaced the old contact page for support that I’d had in my personal spot from my email account. Tell me what you think about it. Is anything essential or important missing? Were you inspired by it?

What do you think?