Richard’s book in hand, interview online

Vicki went by the post-office box this morning, and Richard’s book had arrived.

The Most Important Question. We released it some weeks ago, of course, but I just now got my copy to hold in my hands and feel the concrete effort in my fingers.

Between author, photographer and editors, we did a nice job of it. Main kudos to the author, of course, but we were gratified that our friend Tim Hall allowed us use of one of his photos. The book went back and forth between Barbara and me and Richard and me countless times. Blessings of the Internet.

Leaves one with a pleasant sensation, to hold a finished product, nicely done, in one’s hands. And more, to know that it contains a faithful and attractive presentation of the gospel brings joy and thanksgiving for being a part of God’s mission.

Just got the news that Richard has an interview about his book online here, given to his local newspaper. From the article, this blurb:

LUDOWICI — Richard Mansel has been writing all of his life. The 44-year-old preacher says he loves to write. “Writing has always been a love of mine, it’s all I have ever wanted to do,” the pastor of the Church of Christ at Allenhurst said.

It’s nicely done and informative (in spite of the usual “pastor” mistake), with a photo of Richard holding his book, though I would have liked to have seen a link to FMag. Can’t have everything.

J. Randal Matheny

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