J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

6 thoughts on “The Book for Me

  1. I remember reading an In Search of the Lord’s Way manuscript probably 15 years ago where Mack Lyon said it was his wife’s objective to have their grandchildren say the word “Bible,” as their first word. And she was successful, at least in the cases up to that time. Loved the poem!

  2. My daughter, Lexie, teaches a Wednesday night Bible Facts class for the elementary age children. Three 2nd and 3rd grade girls were coming in one at a time after to class to recite the ten plagues in order. Each time one would go in, the others would stand outside enthusiastically cheering them on with encouraging words like, “You’ve got this!” and “You can do it!” Learning God’s word and holding it in your heart is truly exciting and we adults need to be just as encouraging to each other! Great poem, Randal!

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