BNc siteWell, it’s finally official: the site is up and running, launched as of today. It’s a daunting moment, thinking of the responsibility.

Joe and Matt are excellent coworkers, easy to work with, responsible, competent, always at hand.

We’re gradually building up the Advisory Board, as well as adding correspondents.

I started up the site on WordPress’ freebie hosting back in 2006. Of course, before that I was doing Brazil news, but nothing global.

I tinkered with the new site until November, when I experimented to see how well we could do some serious reporting. With much prayer, I began to talk it up. From the Preacher’s Files forum, Joe and Matt pitched in. Things began to take off.

Matt has done the webmastering. Joe has pitched in with lots of stories and ideas. Several like Paul Goddard have sent in tips. Things began to really come together.

Many brethren have hailed the appearance of BNc. Progressives have howled because we won’t let them pelter the site with their caustic comments.

There’s still much to do. Seems overwhelming at times. We need some financial backing. Someone to work as a Managing Editor, perhaps as a part-time position.

If the Lord wants this to flourish, he will open the doors at the right time.

What do you think?