saci-perereI’ve kept up with my 90-day Old Testament readings. Barely, but I’ve done each reading on the day of. Haven’t always had a chance to blog them, but I warned you I probably wouldn’t.

• A bit of Brazilian folklore? Saci-pererê is a mythical one-legged, magical character who pulls pranks. Methinks I need him just now to blame him for a few items. Not quite the same as “the devil made me do it,” so it ought to be all right, don’t you think?

• The odds are against it, with big players like Facebook and Google+, but I like the approach of Diaspora*, a non-commercial, distributed social network with full privacy control and no one collecting your data. Join me, and invite your friends. Maybe we can do some grass-roots movement.

• The US dollar has nudged up for a change. News reports say the reason is Greece. The European Union is apparently falling apart. The uptick in the exchange rate is good for us, at the moment, since every fraction counts.

• SJCampos (where we live) continues to hold the number two spot for volume of exports of manufactured goods. Main item on the list are the Embraer jets. Considering we’re not quite at a million population yet, that’s a pretty good ranking. São Paulo, of course, holds the undisputed first place.

• A quote. “We will never grow closer to God than the sin that stands between us.” Tim Spivy, speaking last night in a revival. If you kept up with all things spiritual on The Christian Hub, you’ve would have seen it already.

• On that thought of Spivy’s, would you say that faith is jettisoning the sin in order to discover the closeness to God? I would.

*Update: Diaspora went sour. Friendica, however, is coming on strong. As is

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