Creating things is my passion. Changing things leaves me frazzled. So perhaps that explains my mental state after the last few days doing background work to move the Fothright Magazine site from one software to another.

For ages we’ve talked about doing this, Barbara Ann, Richard, and I, along with webmaster Eddie. Now we’re taking the first steps in the process.

Glitches there’ll be, and down time, stumbles and scrapes, but all a part of the process. So we plead your patience.

For all the hassle, we’re excited as the magazine takes another step forward toward better serving readers and students of the Word.

Best I recall, we started somewhere around 1997, Barry Newton and I, calling it Forthright Magazine, as it grew out of articles I posted in brute html on the Internet. Gotta find that starting point, back in the haze of ancient history.

We’ve hobbled and cobbled and been blessed with good writers and patient webmasters. Now comes a major moment to jump forward again.

The last house move for our family was traumatic for me — and we moved only across town. I told my wife then, half in jest, that it was the last move I’d ever make. But moving a website on the Internet is only one in a series of necessary steps to keep up with technology and use it to best effect.

Pray the Lord give us success, for his glory and for the obedience of faith among many.

What do you think?