The Big Question tonight in our Bible reading group, before we read the Lord’s letter to Ephesus (Rev 2:1-7): If God were writing you a letter as he looked over how you spent 2011, what would he write? At the end, I told people to sit down and write the letter they think God would write to them.

• Another quatrain on the Christian Poets site today: “Just When All Seemed Smooth.” Just four lines, so pop over and read it. Will do you good.

• Some setbacks today in getting this site and the main Portuguese site going 100% after the server move. Patience, it’ll get there.

• Talked to Mom, Dad, and Kevin tonight on skype. Internet is a blessing in so many ways.

• I started out our group reading tonight by asking what was the last letter people had written, with pen and paper. Most of us couldn’t remember. A dying art.

• That idea of sandwiching criticism with compliments? Turns out the Lord did it with Ephesus. Praise, criticism, praise.

• They’d left their first love. There can’t be a worse statement than that, can there? And might not this love have been first not only in order of time, but importance as well? A number of versions take it as “the love you had at first.” Might we not also read it as “the love that was highest and dearest to you”?

What do you think?