God's word is sweet

Chocoholics can’t imagine the time before chocolate. Europeans added sugar and milk to the bitter Mayan drink to make it into a sweet or dessert. Recent evidence on the health value of chocolate gave enthusiasts justification for their devotion.

Though Israel never tasted chocolate, they did enjoy some sweets. Honey was a favorite. But even honey couldn’t hold a candle to God’s word for the devout.

Your words are sweeter
in my mouth than honey!
Psalm 119.103 NET

If God’s law was so precious to the Jews, how much more so is the new covenant Scripture to the followers of Christ!

Let us open the Bible with more pleasure and anticipation than opening a box of chocolates.

Your word, O God, is the breath of life, the joy of the soul, the pleasure of the spiritual palate.

Hold this thought: The Creator would often speak to me, / His words a feast, his presence festivity.

What do you think?