Perhaps Bible readers choose the KJV because it is so delightful to read. I have tried reading other versions, and I usually find them OK, at first, as far as it goes. They may sound alright for a quick reading for someone with a short attention span,, but after a while they start sounding bland. There is something rich and enduring about the simple elegance of the KJV that keeps drawing me back. The people that say it is hard to understand do not read it very much, and from the data you quote it looks like they are not reading any version very much. You have to read the KJV thoughtfully (After all, it is the Bible. If you are not reading the Bible thoughtfully in any version you are not getting much out of it anyway.) So you must read thoughtfully, but it is not hard to understand. The words are simple straightforward words; the grammar is basic subject/predicate construction. (Granted the sentences seem to “run on” at times, but most of that is the artful employment of punctuation and conjunctions draw you into the text and keep you reading.) Shakespeare? Now that is hard; but KJV? It is the book for the common man. Our grandparents with elementary education read it; children in Sunday School read it; When I was a school boy more interested in looking out the window than paying attention to my teacher I memorized from it. We recently had over 200 teenagers in our Bible Bowl reading it, studying it, memorizing it, and scoring high on their test (many with 100%!) Here is a thought: If you are having trouble getting into “daily Bible reading” try the KJV. Like most of us who make it a habit to read the Bible, you might just get hooked! And remember, the slower you read it, the better it gets.