Just now I received an email from Mike Hughes, elder at our overseeing congregation, Somers Ave. in N. Little Rock, Ark.

Mike was sharing what he thought was an email from me requesting help for Trevor Williams in Bristol UK. But the email is a scam, written in my name, with an email set up especially at Yahoo in my name, and using the name of my wife and children.

Trevor Williams is a retired Christian worker who did work with the Bristol church, but his wife does not have the medical condition described in the email, nor do they need funds sent through Western Union. I do not know Trevor personally, but a missionary brother there provided me with information.

I have made appeals in behalf of others before, so Mike did not find it strange. Especially since this email was sent to the eldership and others at Somers Ave.

May our generosity not dry up because of fear. Let us use caution, but let us continue to give freely as we have been given.

4 thoughts on “Beware a scam in my name

  1. You know, one thing I questioned and should have trusted my instincts about was the money for a procedure or test in the UK. Don’t they have socilaized medicine there? No charge, to the patient? Am I wrong in this thinking? I’ve been wrong before and probably will again.
    Thanks for posting this Randy and may God continue to guide our steps and may the wrath upon those that would take advantage of His name and His servants be greater than that of Sodom and Gomorrah!!

  2. You are quite correct, and that was mentioned by my missionary friend in the UK, that the National Health Service, bad as it may be, would have taken care of necessary procedures.

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