Better the myth than the truth

Some people seem to prefer having their myth rather than knowing the truth.

Revered Christian Artifact Turns Out to Be Fake

Jeanette Marsh, deputy leader of the town council, said: “It’s like the magic has been removed from Shepton Mallet. I’m not sure there’ll be any need to change any names in the town but it’s a shame the myth of the amulet has now burst.”

The impression one gets from the town council deputy leader is that she regrets the truth coming to light and would have preferred having the myth, if she could. The myth brought “magic,” the truth is dull.

Some people feel the same way about the simple truth of the gospel. It needs dressing up. Let’s provide it some shiny artifacts. Hang some bangles around its neck. Lights, drama, music, flash. More sizzle to the steak.

Living out the gospel daily seems drab. Rubbing your fingers over a “genuine” artifact, something you can touch and feel — now, that’s exciting.

When the amulet was found, there was suspicion it was not genuine. But better the carnal mind that needs a concrete sign than the faith that walks without sight.

Never mind that the Christian artifacts given by the New Testament are Christians living and speaking the gospel. This, indeed, is vibrant, mind-boggling, heart-stopping. This is the difference between the tinny myths and the corpulent, vigorous truth.

Would you be the genuine article for Christ?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Better the myth than the truth

  1. Hello Randy,

    I’ve gone to your blog several times in recent months, and just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and your work in the Kingdom. Don’t know if you remember me from F-HU days, but I was one of the freshmen in your IMPACT group a “few” years back. I especially appreciate the depth, balance and “heart” that characterizes the things you write. Your brother, Mike

  2. Hello, Mike, yes, of course, I remember you, though we might not recognize each other with as much water as has flowed under the bridge. Thanks for your comment, very gracious of you. I always want my heart to reflect the spirit of Christ, in every way, for his love of man, for his unity with the Father, for his unrelenting commitment to the mission.

    I’d be interested in hearing what’s been up with you since our FHU days. Seems I remember seeing your name float around in different venues.

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