Tessa Raye with grandparents
Tessa Raye with grandparents

Leaving for home tomorrow. Has been a great time here with family and with Somers Ave., but I’m ready to sleep in my own bed. Three and a half weeks away. Not as bad as months, by any stretch. But getting to see the new kiddo made it all worth it, as well as play with grandkids #1 and #2.

• The McKinleys have been wonderful hosts here in Mt. Juliet. They offered us bed and kitchen, near the kids. Kept us from inconveniencing the kids in their tight spaces.

• Speaking of which, Joel and Tansy moved to another house, behind the church building, and we helped them a couple of Saturdays ago. All day. While it snowed. I was actually able to get out of bed the next day. Ain’t that old yet.

• Posterous shuts down April 30. I have stuff on there, domains even: brazilkids.net, christian-poets.com, verdadeiragraca.com, quickbibletruths.com. Some of the creators of that now offer posthaven.com for a price. Will it be worth it?

• And I have some hosting expiring on WP. Should I look for an overall solution to these? More WP installations? Time to think about this, even as I pack.

• News just broke that the Argentine Cardinal is the new Pope Francis. He’s the first Jesuit, first from the America’s, and the first from outside Europe in a millennium. His parents were Italian. It’s hard to say if having a Latin American as pope will charge up the Brazilian Catholic Church, since there’s an intense rivalry between the two countries. But, as in the Falkland Islands war, Brazil might feel solidarity toward Argentina at this moment.

• At the McKay bookstore in west Nashville, I bought the 1971 Interpreter’s One-Volume Commentary. Including indexes, 1386 pages. Was a standard in its day and, in spite of liberal slant, has some good stuff. Tipping point was the $6 price tag.

• Except for the stint at Somers, we’ve basically been on vacation. I’ve done some writing, but I missed or let drop some other posting opportunities. As usual, my personal blog has suffered most. Hence my stab at this update.

• We’ll be back in late August and Sept. for our regular furlough, as it’s often called. (Not a term I particularly like, but I don’t have an improvement to offer.) Hoping to make PTP and maybe a lectureship in Tenn., depending on dates.

• Wash. messaged me (I hate that verb) on FB to say he wanted to schedule his baptism. Looks like he’s waiting on me to get back to Brazil. I told him I’d kick him if he did that. But maybe the moment is coincidental. If you ask me, though, I need to get ready to kick. We lacked one study, but each study we did was self-contained. That is, all of them got the capsule view of salvation.

• After church tonight, our whole clan will get together one last time before we travel tomorrow. I continue to pray that each one of our children (DILs included) will put themselves in the Lord’s hand to be used for his glory. For that to happen, we have to be intentional. No coasting allowed. Jesus had a clear view of the cross. He was obedient unto death. In that obedience is the Father glorified. He calls us to abandon the world and embrace his service to share the Word. I’m proud of my children and I urge them onward, forward, upward.

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