Just think how much more individuals and some congregations could do if they would just spend as much time thinking about the growth of the kingdom as they do planning their vacation or where to set the thermostat during worship. via MercEmail (06-20-12)

Great thought by Steve Higginbotham on the parable of the shrewd steward (though he forgot to change the title). Jesus seems wistful when he says, “For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their contemporaries than the people of light” (Luke 16.8 NET).

What’s your plan for reaching the lost? Yours, personally. How are you going to teach that neighbor or coworker? What strategy? What resource? Who are the people at the top of your prayer and proclamation list? What are your goals for evangelism? How are you going to get from “Good morning” to “Arise, and be baptized”?

People won’t be converted by it just happening. It’s not like falling in the water or tripping over your shoelaces. Only by prayer that makes your brow sweat and shrewdness that schemes in the best possible sense of the word will you bring someone to Christ.

The parable in Luke 16 follows hard on the three parables of Luke 15 about finding the lost. Shouldn’t that tell us something? Like how we need to be shrewd in reaching the lost.

The clock is ticking.

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