The student who set up with me to study last night at the office didn’t show. So that was a dry run. I’ve had a hard time getting things going with this fellow. Seems to be a nice kid, early 20s, from another state, fianceĆ© is a Christian. Somehow we’re just not getting it into gear.

Monday night, Francinete and Gustavo requested baptism. We set it for Saturday. We’ll have another study Friday night to help them to consider the cost. Pray they remain firm in their determination.

Having a larger group in that series of studies in Francinete’s home forced me to abandon the 4×6 card approach. So I worked up a handout for each study, sometimes with fill-in-the-blanks, other times with yes/no answers. It seemed to work well. One study was a brand-new one, on the necessity of obedience for salvation.

I need to speed up the work on the Evangelism Kits. I’m waiting for an estimate from a copier about one study set that will go in it.

Still need also to set up our dates for our little jaunt to the US. Can’t let the new grandbaby get too far along.

Besides hot tea and biscuits and a homemade lunch, I have another excuse for not going to the office today: The cleaning lady will be there. So I’ll just do the pajama-pundit bit. Except I have to put on clothes (done) to go open up the office for the lady. And I need to take care of some business in the street.

Speaking of which, I’m off …


2 thoughts on “Baptisms to happen this week

  1. Scheduled foe a later date? Acts 16:33 And he took them the same hour of the night and washed their wounds; and he was baptized at once, he and all his family. Are the scriptures applied differently overseas?

    • We read that very passage and others about the urgency of baptism, since there is no salvation without it. But one can’t push people into the water.

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