Joab put an unnamed woman up to appearing before King David with a bogus plea to have her only son restored to her and protected from being executed for killing her other son. Eventually, David sees through the rouse. But in the midst of the dialog the woman speaks powerful words of wisdom.

Certainly we must die, and are like water spilled on the ground that cannot be gathered up again. But God does not take away life; instead he devises ways for the banished to be restored.
2 Samuel 14.14 NET

Joab was using the woman to get David to relent about his son Absalom and restore him to the king’s good graces. So her reference here to banishment and restoration is to David’s situation.

As she maneuver’s from her supposed case to David’s situation, these words ring true.

God’s business is restoration of man to his presence. Justice is not ignored, as man waves it aside to make peace. For God is both just and justifier, Paul will later tell us.

In Christ, however, he devised a way to bring us back to himself.

So much cannot be undone in this life, O Lord, but you in Christ have undone the consequences of our sins. Praise to you for restoring us through the Cross!

Hold this thought: I’m restored, by Christ redeemed! / What God has done I’d never have dreamed.

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