Ban cremation – College Club Thought It Was Being Funny by Offering a Scholarship for White Males – Brit Hume | Special Report

“An Australian scientist is calling for an end to cremation — in order to cut global warming. Professor Roger Short of the University of Melbourne tells the French Press Agency that if people really want to help the environment, they should be buried in a cardboard box under a tree.

“Short says that way the decomposing body will feed the tree with nutrients — and the tree will convert carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen. He says of cremation: why go up in ‘a big bubble of carbon dioxide?'”

First it was Sheryl Crowe who touted one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit. Now the proposal to ban cremation as an effort to save the world from burning up. I need a new category for the blog: eco-stupidity.

I just want to know one thing: has Prof. Short picked out his cardboard box yet?

J. Randal Matheny

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