A bad elder is worse than no elder. The need for good elders and servants is urgent, but let no one rush to ordain them without proper consideration (1 Timothy 5.22). Careful observation will show both evil and good works in a man’s life.

The sins of some people are obvious, going before them into judgment, but for others, they show up later. Similarly good works are also obvious, and the ones that are not cannot remain hidden.
1 Timothy 5.24-25 NET

At the same time, men of good character may not stand out at first. They will not toot their own horn. They do not let the left hand know what the right is doing.

The selection process deserves the utmost care and extensive consideration of the candidates. Otherwise, those who shouldn’t serve may be put forward and those who should may be overlooked.

Father, give your church wisdom in choosing guides and servants who have placed the kingdom first.

Hold this thought: For the blessing of faithful shepherds, don’t rush.

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