Barely. Books are here, but still in boxes and scattered everywhere. The gentleman that sr. Ricardo hired to build the bookshelves used inferior wood, and didn’t finish the job. He said the money ran out. The guy had to know how much wood he was going to need. Sr. Ricardo and I have a good relationship, so I told him I wasn’t happy about that, but he was so tired of the whole process that he said we’d take care of it later. The next day he called back and apologized and said he’d see that it got done. So I was pleased, since I doubt he’s the type to apologize much. He’s pretty hot-blooded, swears like a sailor, son of an Italian immigrant. But he’s always been very nice to me. Of course, I always pay rent on time and often in cash.

The tidying up and taking everything out of the boxes will have to wait until I get back from the U.S. on the 24th.

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