Back from trip

I made a two-day trip this week, returned yesterday. Thoughts …

I overheard this, “You don’t want it. Then why are you here?”

I sat on a park bench with four seats.  Two seats over, a man. Next to him, a woman. When I sat, conversation ceased. I must have interrupted a serious conversation, I thought. After several minutes, she said to her companion, “I have to go. Are you going to call me?” Then ensued a low, but intense conversation I was happy not to hear.

TV said Brazilian socialized medicine will now pay for sex-change operations. In a country where life-saving surgeries can come too late. Government-controlled health care, America?

Hillary grandstands. Not going out with a whimper.

I missed my almond shakes in the mornings. Craved. Once home, a nice salad for lunch, broccoli soup for supper. And hot tea and toast for a snack. Nice to be home. And not just for the food.

Seems as if everyone in the streets of São Paulo smokes. In spite of the scary pictures and warnings on cigarette packs.

In traffic it’s better to go against the flow rather than be stuck in the slow-moving rush. In life as well.

Add to Ecclesiastes 3: There is a time to engage, and a time to disengage. Or maybe 3:5 covers it: “a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing.”

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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