After a week of being shut out of my blog, plus over a half-dozen other sites on our hosted server, I’m back. The server’s host identified me as a bad influence and banned my IP. Once the System gets on your bad side …

In the meantime, I was doing the devotionals on the backup blog on Posterous. Do check those out. I was also tweeting and posting on my Friendica spot. You should really sign up for one of those. See here. Once you do, search for me as That’s not an email, but a Friendica ID.

Just posted a new Christian Hub recommendation for a “complete devotional experience.” Yesterday, I got mean with a TFR post, ‘All donors have agendas’. What else? I’m sure I missed something.

Then there were the baptisms Monday. Who said Mondays weren’t good? God certainly is. Even on Mondays.

And last weekend we met The Maiden’s boyfriend. He lives in another state. Soon she’ll be living in another country. Very nice kid, but when a dad is in shotgun-mode, wouldn’t matter much if he were Prince Charming.

The Missus goes Thursday night to São Paulo for an ergometric or some such test early Friday. She had to kick off the meds for it. Pray for her.

I finally did it, got on Pinterest, after articles said people droll over stuff over there, hang around a lot, love to repin. Can it be useful for Kingdom service? Do I have time to mess with it? We’ll see. I’m a word guy, not a graphics nut, but maybe we can make it fit.

Our good brother Ron Jackson got into town Sunday, went to Taubaté church with us, will teach tonight, accepted giving a big study Saturday, will preach Sunday morning. We’re going drain this guy. Maybe Embraer will get something from him after we’re through with him. Unusual to have him here for two Sundays, so we’re counting our blessings.

I’m glad to be back on the blog. But I know you never missed me. Uh-huh.

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