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The ones who watch

In his book Stewards of the Story: The Task of Preaching (Westminster John Knox), James Earl Massey relates this story: “Franz Kafka wrote about his vision of a large city at night in which just a few people were awake. Kafka likened it to a military encampment in which everyone is asleep except a few guards on duty keeping watch. Asked why the few are still awake when all the others in the city are asleep, Kafka answered, ‘Because someone must be watching, someone must be there.’

“We who preach owe it to those who hear us, and to our Lord, who called us to be that someone who watches, ready to speak a trusted word as a trustworthy person.”

And who among us are awake and watching?

One thought on “Awake

  1. Good image, Randal. It brings to mind the watchmen of Ezekiel 33. If they warn and the people listen, then blessings occur. If they don’t warn and people die then the watchmen will be punished. Yet, if they warn and the people ignore them, the watchmen have nevertheless done their job. Therefore, we who are given this commission today, must not get discouraged when our voices are so often ignored. We must always remember the bigger picture is the proclamation of Truth at any cost and the glory of God.

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